Writing a blog doesn’t seem hard … until you actually have to write one.

When I first started blogging, I honestly thought it would be a breeze. I could write a well researched argumentative essay in proper MLA format in a little over 2 hours, how hard could writing my own thoughts and feelings be, right? Wrong.

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First, making the blog website itself is hard. There’s choosing the fonts, the colors, and making sure the fonts and colors don’t clash. Then, there’s the layout of the page, the picture, the headlines, and most importantly, making sure all of these things give off the right feel that you want your blog to have.

After reading helpful blogs about how to blogthink I might have an idea of what I’m doing.

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Some of the most helpful tips I have found while researching came from an article written by Dan Shewan titled How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 steps. Shewan suggests creating an outline of the blog post before you begin writing. This gives your blog direction and a plan to follow. It results in a well organized and readable blog, which is extremely important. Another tip I have utilized is to always research your topic, especially when writing a blog for someone else. As a potential public relations representative, this is one tip I will never forget. When writing for a client in the future, I will have to research before writing so that I can properly convey a message to readers. I may not understand how real-estate or stock exchanges work, but the people I will be writing for do, and their readers more than likely will too. For more tips, check out Shewan’s full blog post linked below.


I want to make my personal blog the absolute best it can be, both for my readers and myself. To make this possible, I am going to start planning and organizing my blog before I begin to write it. I will start researching the material I include in the blog as well as new ideas for blog posts. Also, I’m personally going to start reading more blogs … and not just the recipe ones on Pinterest. Finally, for anyone who currently or is interested in blogging, I have included a blogging planning cheat sheet below!